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Croatia has opened its borders!

Croatia has opened its borders!

Published: 18. May, 2020

Those who have booked accommodation can enter the country without any problems

Great news for all sailors: Croatia opened its borders to tourists last weekend and Croatian Minister of Interior Affairs announced that Europe at the level of the entire Union will soon make a decision on how tourist traffic will be conducted this summer.

14-day self-isolation in Croatia is no longer mandatory!

Head of the Civil Protection Headquarters confirmed that people who prove at the border that they have reserved tourist accommodation in Croatia can actually enter the country without any problems.

A crew list and Booking confirmation will be enough to cross borders and start your sailing trip.

As we currently know, there are several EU countries who have already abolished 7-14 day measure of self-isolation upon return from abroad, most of the remaining EU countries announced they will do the same throughout June 2020.

Based on all of this we have decided to offer EXTREMELY FLEXIBLE LAST MINUTE BOOKING CONDITIONS:

  • 0% WORRIES, 100% FLEXIBILITY - read more
  • Free rebooking if corona affects your travel plans
  • Only 10% prepayment to secure the booking
  • Remaining payment: 40% one month after booking, 50% one month before departure

Finally, we give significant efforts to following impeccable cleaning standards - here you can find more details on how we do this part of yacht maintenance.

Take a break from this difficult period, board a sailboat and enjoy a little bit of 2020.

Check out our Last minute offers, and make a booking with 0% worries 100% flexibility

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