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0% worries and 100% flexibility

0% worries and 100% flexibility

Published: 16. April, 2020

Holidays are for relaxing, not for worrying, and we all really need some relaxation and soul healing after this difficult period.

This is why we wish to offer you the security of knowing you can travel at the right moment.

Places where you can control your contact with other people are definitely recommended, so spending time with your loved ones on a boat is for sure one of the safest vacation plans you can make as your yacht can be as isolated from other people as you choose.

Also, it is one of the few “accommodation” options that has not been used by other people for a longer period of time and is cleaned and sterilised for every new crew.

Moreover, now when nature has rested, we are sure that you will be able to see and enjoy even more natural beauty during your sailing.

Driven by all of this we wish to inform that we offer free re-booking for all new as well as old bookings in case your charter period is effected by government provided pandemic safety measures.

We have also modified our payment plan for all new bookings as follows:

10% downpayment to confirm the booking
40% payment one month after booking is confirmed
50% payment one month before charter date

In accordance with all new guidelines prescribed by Croatian Ministry of Tourism, all charterers that will be effected by pandemic safety measures in a way that it will not be possible to use the boat as a result of government provided safety measures, vouchers for amount paid till cancellation date are issued and usable for alternative booking in season 2020 and/or 2021.

Finally, please note that all of our client payments are protected by EIS Charter Payment Protection.

This Insurance compensates the bad-debt losses of the legally established entitlement to repayment of the berth charter price paid by the charter client for a boat/yacht rented within the insurance year due to a faulty service caused by insolvency of the company as well as takes all the costs for the legal assertion against the company after positively checking the claim and its enforceability and only by an advocate named by the insurer.

Contact us to make plans for well needed and safe sailing vacation with 0% worries and 100% flexibility

Check out our fleet and get inspired for sailing in July, August and September 2020

NEW: Check in day any day in week (until 29.08), short charters 4 days bookable online!

⛵️⚓️ Stay safe and we hope to sail together very soon ⛵️⚓️

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