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Looking for answers to your questions about chartering a yacht with Noy Yachting? Our FAQ section has got you covered! Find out if your license is valid in Croatia, why you should sail with us, what's included in the price, who will be on your boat, and when to book your trip. Get all the information you need to make the most of your charter experience with Noy Yachting.

1. Is my sailing license valid in Croatia?

There are 153 licenses in the list of the Ministry of the Sea, Transport and Infrastructure of Croatia. It includes the generally recognized world licenses IYT, RYA and national licenses of different countries. ❗️ The list contains a limiting for a size of a boat 30GT but the actual size of a boat now is 17 meters (Ministry didn’t update this list yet);

❗️ If your license issued by the authority from the list but has a different name - could also be valid - we need to check it with the ministry;

❗️ ISSA is not included in the list of recognized licenses.

You can ask our booking agent if your license is valid through email: info@noa-yachting.com or through WhatsApp +385 95 324 3242. Full list of licenses you can check here 

2. Why sail with Noa Yachting?

As family-owned charter we combine professionalism and a warm atmosphere. We are always here to support you. As family-owned charter we combine professionalism and a warm atmosphere.

3. When to book a yacht?

With us, you choose pleasure, comfort, and warm moments which will stay in your memory. Professionally maintained yachts and superior equipment are awaiting at Noa Yachting!

Book your sailing trip a few month in advance to be sure that the desired boat is available.

4. What is included in price?

Always included in the price for all our boats:
- Nespresso coffee machine;
- the finest nautical linen and towels;
- cockpit cushions;
- outboard engine;
- dinghy;
- Wi-Fi

5. Which payment plan do you have?

We ask you to make a payment of 50% within one week of making the reservation and the remaining 50% one month prior to the trip. However, if you book a trip that is scheduled to commence in less than a month, you will be required to pay the full amount at once.

6. Who will be on a boat?

We can provide a skilled captain who can not only navigate a yacht but also provide sailing lessons if desired. Additionally, you have the option to hire a hostess or cook* to fully enjoy a luxurious vacation.

*need to be booked in advance

Headquarters &
Central Booking

Kralja Zvonimira 56
21210 Solin, Croatia
Mobile: +385 95 324 324 2, +385 99 4256 300
E-mail: info@noa-yachting.com

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