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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Last time modified 23.07.2018

NOA YACHTING, Ltd., Kralja Zvonimira 56, Solin, CROATIA VAT:HR82659251081, (hereafter referred to as NOA YACHTING) while doing business collects and processes data of its buyers and service users (further: examinee) and makes sure the processing of personal data is legal, fair and transparent.

In that sense NOA YACHTING is allowed to act as a manager and/or processing executor of your personal data in accordance with the statute EU 679/16. This statement is supposed to inform you, our buyers and service users, about the nature of the data NOA YACHTING collects and uses.

This Statement describes what data we collect, how we process them, and for which purposes we use them, as well as your rights associated with your data. The concepts used in this statement are in accordance with the EU Statute 2016/679.

Noa Yachting Ltd - as manager of your data/ executor
Adress: Kralja Zvonimira 56, 21210 Solin, Croatia
VAT number: HR 82659251081
Contact info of data protection official: info@noa-yachting.com

How do we collect your data - legal basis of processing

NOA YACHTING collects personal data directly from you when making and executing contracts, as well as before making contracts (offers, inquiries, reservations, requests made while booking yachts or additional services, sending inquiries or requests related to our offer or services), or based on your consent via NOA YACHTING Internet page, as well as indirectly when you wish to buy and/or use our services via intermediator or agencies.Furthermore, we collect personal data when you give them to us while registering as a member of our services, fulfilling forms or sending e-mail, and in similar situation when you choose to provide us with your data.

We also collect data necessary for crew list, including your name and surname, gender, date place and country of birth, nationality and ID/ or passport number, place of residence and country of residence. We also collect your e-mail address if given, telephone number, dates of charter, skipper license number, VHF number, and GPS coordinates of navigation.

Use of Internet page

Our Internet pages (www.noa-yachting.com) can be searched and used anonymously. You are not required to provide us with your personal data to use our Internet page. However, we are allowed to store the data for different security reasons. Those data may include the name of your Internet service provider, Internet page you used to connect to our page, Internet pages you visited from our page and your IP address.Those data might lead to your identification, but we will not be using them for that purpose. From time to time we will use the data for the purpose of statistics, but will also ensure anonymity of each user so that he or she cannot be identified. Writing your personal data on Internet pages confirms that you allow them to be used for the purposes you gave them.


NOA YACHTING can ask for your consent to process your data for the purpose whose intent is not the condition for the completion of the contract or a legal obligation of NOA YACHTING or it is not necessary for making or completing the contract or it is not in your legitimate interest (for example, for the purpose of marketing, offering new products and services, etc.) You are not required to give consent for that processing, but you may give it and withdraw it anytime if you wish. Consent request has to be clearly distinguished from other matters, understandable and easily reachable, written in an understandable and simple form. You can change your consent via a written request at the following e-mail: info@noa-yachting.com

Processing based on legal or other basis: NOA YACHTING as a legal entity is subjected to legal obligations, in which it can be prescribed the obligation to process data for the purpose of fulfilling legal obligations of NOA YACHTING. In that case, NOA YACHTING completes its obligation to process your data on the basis of those legal regulations.

For which purposes do we process your data?

Your data are used and processed for the purposes they were gathered for originally, as well as for legal obligations of NOA YACHTING, for example:

  • For the purpose of completing the contract in which you are one of the parties and to complete actions on your request before the making of contract (e.g. yacht reservation, additional service reservation, etc.)
  • For the purpose of your consent (e. g. offering new services or products, customer service satisfaction inquiries…)
  • If the processing is necessary to fulfill the legal obligations of NOA YACHTING (for example. Running accounting business, providing the competent authority with your data, if the rented vessel was included in some form of accident…)
  • If the processing is necessary to protect your key interests;

Do we share your data with other parties?

The data we collected from you and about you will stay in NOA YACHTING database. We are allowed to share your data with other parties if:

  • it is our legal obligation or if competent authority requests them to be used for some legal action connected with criminal, misdemeanor or judicial proceeding;
  • we need to protect our rights, privacy, safety of assets and for public safety;
  • for administrative or technical support (e. g. to our accounting officials) or other business purposes to facilitate transactions (e. g., for rent transactions via our partners);
  • to analyze our data, implementation of mobile analytical services or maintenance and improvement of our services (liable to confidentiality contracts, if appropriate)
  • to search for appropriate legal solutions and limit the damage that may harm us:
  • for implementing conditions of any contract or business action with you or our conditions and regulations
  • to process transaction with our branch offices or intermediators and agencies you used to attain our services
  • in other cases with your consent.

Personal data can be transferred to another legal entity in case of transmission, change of ownership, reorganization or merging of NOA YACHTING, Ltd, or its assets to another company.

Your personal data can be revealed to another parties that are service providers ( such as service provider of payment processing of services and goods, e-mail provider that will send notifications to you on our behalf or sub-performer of services within the customer service). Those service providers can be found in the country different from your homeland, such as USA or a country that’s a member of the European Union. Those service providers are required by contract to ensure confidentiality and safety of your data. However, your data may be available to government bodies within the legal regulations.

In case of sharing the data with other parties NOA YACHTING will forbid them from using your personal data for purposes other than agreed upon by contract and will commit its business partner to ensure the confidentiality of your personal data.

Storage period of your personal data

Storage period of your data depends upon the type/category of data, purpose for which the data were provided and legal obligations NOA YACHTING is subjected to. Personal data is stored as proscribed by the law or as long as it takes for the requested service to be provided, unless it is stated differently by the law (fo example, the judicial proceeding).

The data related to legal obligations of NOA YACHTING are stored for the period it is prescribed by the law, for example, the obligation and the deadline of storing invoices and bookkeeping documents (on which your dana can be found) is prescribed by the valid accounting law.

The data for which there is no storage deadline prescribed by the law or other regulations will be stored for reasonable periods of time bearing in mind the category of data and the purpose for which they were collected. The data collected for certain purposes will be used for those purposes only and will not be actively stored after reasonable time period and after the completion of the purpose they were collected for. Anonymous data may be further used for statistics and marketing purposes, archive purposes and other analytical purposes. While giving these data you will be informed about the storage deadline, that is the criteria on which it is determined the storage deadline of those data.

Your rights in terms of data processing

With respect to all your personal data stored with us, you have the right (i) to access all personal data, (ii) correct or supplement the data, or (iii) delete or (iv) restrict its processing and (v) the right to file a complaint regarding the processing and data transferability as well as the right to file a complaint to the supervisory body regarding the processing of personal data (Croatian Personal Data Protection Agency), all in accordance with the applicable regulations on the protection of personal data.If the processing is based on your approval, you have the right to withdraw your approval at any time, starting with the date of withdrawal.

You can file a claim to exercise your rights from the previous point of the contract on the contact numbers of the Personal Data Protection Officers, which are listed above.In your request it is necessary to provide the basic information about yourself and how we can respond to your request.

Are you required to provide us with your personal data?

When you require NOA YACHTING to provide services, submit a particular complaint regarding the contract or its completion, it is necessary to provide us with your personal information, which are necessary for you to be identified as a user of our services and finally, for the conclusion and execution of the contract in order to resolve your claim or complaint.Therefore, in these situations, your personal data is a legal and contractual obligation necessary to conclude and execute a contract in order to resolve your claim or complaint.

Security of your personal information on the Internet

www.noa-yachting.com website protects your personal information against unauthorized access, use or disclosure. Information on computer servers is stored in a controlled, secure environment, protected from unauthorized access, use or disclosure.

The application of cookies

On the web pages of www.noa-yachting.com “cookies” are applied – textual files which are placed on the user’s computer by the user’s Internet service provider. Files are generated when the browser on the user’s computer visits a website, which in turn sends the information to your browser which creates a textual file (cookie). The browser receives and sends the file to the network destination server (destination, page) when the user returns to the aforementioned destination.

Cookies are used for better function of all web page features and a better user experience. They may be temporary (stored in temporary memory during the website visit) or permanent (remain stored on the user’s computer even after the visit).

www.noa-yachting.com uses third party cookies for collection of data statistics on website visits and ways of webpage usage. Data that is collected includes user’s IP address, browser information, language, operating system and other standard information which are collected and analyzed exclusively anonymously and in mass form, unless user data is involved. Webpages of NOA YACHTING do not contain cookies which enable the running of programs or setting up viruses on your computer.

Webpages of www.noa-yachting.com use the statistics of Google Analytics. Third party cookie regulations can be found on Google Analytics pages. Data on how users use our website can occasionally be collected using other tools similar to the services provided by Google Analytics.

Preventing cookies. If you do not agree to their use, you can easily delete (or prevent) cookies on your computer or mobile device using the browser settings you are currently using.

For more information on managing cookies, visit the browser pages you are using, or visit www.allaboutcookies.org.

Since the purpose of cookies is to improve and enable the use of our webpages and their processes, keep in mind that by preventing or deleting cookies, you can disable the functionality of these features or cause them to run and appear differently in your browser.


WSPay as a credit card authorization and credit card processing system personal data as a processing system and processes personal data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation of the European Parliament and Council No. 2016/679 and the strict rules of the PCI DSS L1 Regulations on Protection of Registrations and data transfer.

All payments made by Visa, Meastro and MasterCard through the payment getaway WSpay will be effected in Croatian currency. The amount your credit card account will be charged for is obtained through the conversion of the price in Euro into Croatian kuna according to the current exchange rate. When charging your credit card, the same amount is converted into your local currency according to the exchange rate of credit card associations. As a result of this conversion there is a possibility of a slight difference from the original price stated in our web site.

WSPay uses 256-bit encryption SSL certificate and TLS 1.2 cryptographic protocol as the highest standard of data protection and data security. Personal data used for authorization and collection purposes, or for performance of the contract or contract obligations, are considered confidential. For the execution of the contract (authorization and billing), the following customer's personal information is required:

  • Name and Last name
  • E-mail
  • Phone
  • Address
  • Place
  • Zip code
  • Country
  • Type of card
  • Card number
  • Card expiration dates
  • CVV card

WSPay does not process or use personal data except for the purpose of executing authorization and billing agreements.

WSPay warrants compliance with all the terms and conditions laid down in the applicable personal data protection regulations for personal data processing executives, and in particular the taking of all necessary technical, organizational and security measures, in particular with the PCI DSS L1 Certified.

For credit card payments you can use the following:

Headquarters &
Central Booking

Kralja Zvonimira 56
21210 Solin, Croatia
Mobile: +385 95 324 324 2, +385 99 4256 300
E-mail: info@noa-yachting.com

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