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Here at Noa Yachting we are passionate about raising awareness of environmental policies in Croatia.
We believe the promotion of environmentally conscious practices and the responsible use of our seas and oceans will have a prolonged and positive impact and to maintain Croatia as a sustainable tourism destination for future generations. Loving nature and respecting environment, with small efforts we can keep the Adriatic Sea clean and beautiful for future generations.

What is Noa Yachting doing in order to protect the environment?

Yacht maintenance

Our technical staff is careful while choosing the antifouling to preserve underwater life and the sea. We are using only antifouling completely safe for the sea-life.
Hazardous wastes such as batteries, engine oil, filters and expired pyrotechnics, are always disposed to companies specialised for disposal of dangerous goods.
We are using recycled clothes for cleaning under the engine area, and natural as well as recycled materials as more as possible.
Old fenders, ropes, and other parts are being donated to the local sailing club - to be reused.
Old blankets have found their way to people who needed them.


Office recycling

Both in our Kaštela and Solin offices, our team takes special care about separating waste, all paper is recycled, PVC bottles are disposed of, glass is separated. We are completely digitalised and printing as little as possible.

Our Solin office is plastic-free / as well is our Kaštela office.

As a team we are committed to preserving the local beaches, and we try as often as possible to have small garbage collection operations from the surrounding beaches and even when sailing privately to collect the garbage from the shores. Some of our team members are also divers and ready to volunteer in cleaning underwater area.

We also want to announce some big news, namely, Noa Yachting has decided to upgrade your check-in, make it as fast as possible while helping to preserve the environment.
From season 2020. we are glad to present you our new project- PAPERLESS CHARTER!

What can you do for the environment?

Next time you spend a fabulous week sailing the crystal-clear waters of the Adriatic, it's important to remember that you play an important part in the story of sustainable sailing.

During your sailing vacation do not throw things into the sea, separate waste and recycle- like most marinas, so does the marina Kaštela have garbage sorting containers, so start with that.

Only organic waste as remains of the lunch is safe to be thrown in the sea. Waste separation is the first but also one of the most important recycling moves. Switch off lights and air- condition whenever you leave your yacht.
Sometimes you can row instead using ob engine. It is fun and it is saving planet from solution.
Try to use Marina facilities for showering, laundry etc.
Enjoy the wind power and choose to sail over motor. You can anchor with care.
Finally, we suggest a small game, which we always play while sailing, we like to call it “pay it forward”; every time you collect your trash from where you bathed and stayed collect some other people’s trash as well, also ask your crew and the people around you.

If everyone only collects one piece of trash, we've already done a lot for nature.

Headquarters &
Central Booking

Kralja Zvonimira 56
21210 Solin, Croatia
Mobile: +385 95 324 324 2, +385 99 4256 300
E-mail: info@noa-yachting.com

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