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October sailing in Croatia

October sailing in Croatia

If you would still like to go @ Sailing holiday in 2021 and you haven’t manage to book the yacht earlier, our suggestion is to try October sailing!
Why October?

Not only because this is first available month for sailing in 2021, also because October sailing is beautiful experience.

Average temperature in Split area during October is 20C (sometimes even 3-5 C more during the first part), and during first part of October sea is still warm enough for swimming.
Dalmatian islands are beautiful and colorful during October, still most of the taverns are open and you will enjoy calming surrounding without noise or crowds. 
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Sailing holiday in Croatia is an ultimate holiday trend in 2020

Sailing holiday in Croatia is an ultimate holiday trend in 2020

20. July, 2020

Regardless you are planing your holiday as a family with kids, couple or group of friends- sailing holiday in Croatia is an ultimate holiday trend for 2020

2020 is completely odd year, bringing more downs then ups for everyone. In those unpredictable times it is very hard to plan your free time, but you can always check our last minute offer and book your well deserved holidays in few clicks. Borders are open and there is no mandatory self -quarantine for all EU citizens when sailing in Croatia. 

Here we would like to emphasize why sailing holiday is better than any other type of holiday now, no matter of your previous sailing knowdlege and experience or group type.

For all EU citizens Croatia is easy to reach 

Sailing holiday is an ultimate self- isolation holiday

Shopping groceries now with our support

We did all protective measures in base 

Croatia has never been less crowded

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