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Noa Yachting cleaning standards

Noa Yachting cleaning standards

Published: 28. April, 2020

guarantee for a carefree sailing holiday

At Noa Yachting we give significant efforts to following impeccable cleaning standards - below you can find more details on how we do this part of yacht maintenance.

Due to the comprehensiveness of the work itself, it is performed it by:

  • Noa Yachting cleaning manager
  • companies specialised in linen, laundry and upholstery cleaning
  • companies specialised in yacht cleaning

It is important to note that every yacht goes to cleaning process with no exceptions and that we work only with partners who specialise in yacht cleaning and use highest quality cleaning products.

Yacht cleaning at Noa Yachting is divided in two main parts:

  • winter yacht cleaning
  • summer yacht cleaning

Winter yacht cleaning

As soon as summer season is over, winter cleaning begins.

This process is divided in several parts:

  • in-depth cleaning of linens and upholstery
  • in-depth cleaning of all other movable and removable parts of the yacht
  • disposal of consumables

Firstly we remove all linen and upholstery and send it to our partners specialised in yacht and upholstery cleaning:

  • mattresses, cockpit and salon cushions are chemically dry cleaned and stored in ventilated storage so they return clean and fresh for new summer season
  • pillows are discharged and replaced with new ones
  • bed sheets and towels are sent to dry cleaning where everything is washed with professional detergents on 90°C in accordance with European standards, dried in separate machines on 75°C-90°C, ironed with specialised machines on 165°C and stored in ventilated storage to prevent mould forming

After cleaning, all linens are carefully checked and divided into two groups:

  • ones that can be re-used
  • ones that need to be removed and replaced with new

Everything that is stained or damaged is sent to institutions in need such as homeless shelters, nursing homes and similar or used as cleaning cloths.

Then we clean all other movable and removable parts of the yacht:

  • stoves are removed and send to cleaning and maintenance
  • kitchen, salon, cabin and toilet cabinets are all thoroughly cleaned inside and out
  • interior and exterior tables are dismantled, cleaned and repainted as needed
  • dishes and all small kitchen inventory is changed every winter for upcoming summer as needed
  • toilets and toilet seats they are thoroughly cleaned and serviced, just like
  • showers and shower heads - for hygienic reasons, all pipes and hoses are replaced with new ones as they build up during the season
  • all deck and floor parts that can be removed are dismantled, cleaned, repaired and repainted as needed
  • all tanks are thoroughly cleaned with suitable cleaning agents
  • life vests and harnesses are washed

Finally, all consumables are disposed and changed with new items. Consumables are:

  • sponges
  • kitchen cloths
  • toilet brushes
  • other small inventory parts an utensils

When the boat is all emptied out, we disinfect and thoroughly clean all surfaces. Each yacht is washed, scrubbed and polished with suitable cleaning agents. Each job is done with cleaning tools dedicated just to that action.

Summer yacht cleaning

When summer season start, yacht are cleaned after each crew's check-out.
Our office staff informs our Cleaning Manager for any specific and individual needs and requests when applicable, based on which yachts are cleaned in following order:

  • yachts whose clients reserved early boarding
  • yachts whose clients are expected to arrive early
  • yachts whose clients will be arriving to the marina late

For each check-out (mostly Fridays), our technical team inspects each yacht and informs our Cleaning Manager if any inventory is missing and needs to be replaced as well as if anything needs to be cleaned more thoroughly than usually.

After each check-out and before each check-in (mostly Saturdays), each yacht is cleaned as follows:

1. remove all linens, cloths, sponges and other consumables that are to be completely replaced for new guests

These items are placed to specialised laundry carts and are sent to our laundry cleaning partners, just like we do for winter yacht cleaning. Laundry carts we use are disinfected after each weekend (crew change). Our partners washing, drying and ironing machines are disinfected after weekly cleaning.

2. clean the showers and toilets with suitable cleaning agents, dry them with special cleaning tools and finally polish the surfaces with a third set of cleaning products

Kitchen area goes through the same process for all surfaces, stoves, refrigerators, sinks, as well as all utensils, dining sets, serving dishes and other small kitchen inventory.

3. thoroughly clean and vacuum all storage cabinets, cabins and salon

Notwithstanding these standards which are extremely detailed and in concern for health, as a percussion measure to dealing with COVID-19, our yachts are now cleaned and disinfected even more in detail to make sure that we have done maximum we can to preserve health of our clients and employees.

These actions are performed by a team of cleaners, followed by inspection of our Cleaning Manager. While the interior is cleaned as explained above, exterior is cleaned, scrubbed and polished by another team of cleaners using suitable cleaning agents and products.

We hope this gave you an idea of what we do to be able to deliver a yacht with superb cleaning and maintenance standard to each of our crews.

Having explained all of this, we kindly ask you to place your litter in appropriate places to keep our sea and islands clean and understand that if you board your yacht a bit later than you planned, it is due to this detailed process which helps safe your crew’s heart as well as heart of our employees.

Feel free to contact us anytime for any questions.

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