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COVID-19 yacht cleaning procedure at Noa Yachting

COVID-19 yacht cleaning procedure at Noa Yachting

Published: 21. May, 2020

At Noa Yachting we give significant efforts to following impeccable cleaning standards. Notwithstanding these detailed standards, as a percussion measure to dealing with COVID-19, our yachts are now cleaned and disinfected with even more attention to make sure we did maximum to preserve health of our clients and employees.

Here is a detailed procedure we follow for each crew change:

The boat's interior cleaning team is organised into “cleaners for dirty part of cleaning" and “clean cleaners”. Purpose of this kind of team organisation is to minimise the possibility of cross-contamination from used bed linen, towels and kitchen utensils to clean ones.

Cleaners for dirty part of cleaning" enter the boat after the clients checked-out and:

1. remove all linens, cloths, sponges and other consumables that are to be completely replaced for new guests

These items are placed to specialised laundry carts and are sent to our laundry cleaning partners, just like we do for winter yacht cleaning - read more here. 

Used bedding and towels are kept in sealed bags in a container separate from the cart with clean bedding; dirty and clean bedding are always separated and never come into contact.

Laundry carts we use are disinfected after each weekend (crew change) and our partners washing, drying and ironing machines are disinfected after weekly cleaning. 

Bed sheets and towels are sent to dry cleaning where everything is washed with professional detergents on 90°C in accordance with European standards, dried in separate machines on 75°C-90°C, ironed with specialised machines on 165°C.

2. clean the showers and toilets with suitable cleaning agents, dry them with special cleaning tools and finally polish the surfaces with a third set of cleaning products

Kitchen area goes through the same process for all surfaces, stoves, refrigerators, sinks, as well as all utensils, dining sets, serving dishes and other small kitchen inventory.

ADDITIONALLY: forks, spoons, knifes, glasses, plates and other kitchen utensils 

as well as showers and toilets are additionally disinfected with anti-COVID certified detergents which act as bactericide and fungicide and are safe for skin.

3. thoroughly clean and vacuum all storage cabinets, cabins and salon 

"Clean cleaners" enter the boat after “Cleaners for dirty part of cleaning” are done to place clean sheets and towels, refill the boat with toilet paper, dish detergent, gift package, garbage bags, fill with extra dishes as needed, and leave 1 surface disinfectant on the kitchen table 1 hand sanitiser.

Finally, cleaning manager controls the vessel and sprays all surfaces with 70% alcohol disinfectant. She also puts up information with guidelines on proper behaviour and protection measures (including information on protection, prevention of the spread of infection, proper hand washing, as well as telephone numbers of medical centres and / or health facilities that need to be contact in case of suspicion of COVID-19 infection).

After the cleaning manager inspected the boat and disinfected it, no further entry by technicians or cleaners is allowed until client’s check-in 

Team for external cleaning of the vessel cleans in the usual way, and after cleaning and polishing disinfects the steering wheels and cockpit table with 70% alcohol disinfectant.

All cleaners wear protective gloves and masks at all times 

We hope this gave you an idea of what we do to be able to deliver a yacht with superb cleaning and maintenance standard to each of our crews.

Having explained all of this, we kindly ask you to place your litter in appropriate places to keep our sea and islands clean and understand that if you board your yacht a bit later than you planned, it is due to this detailed process which helps safe your crew’s health as well as health of our employees.

Feel free to contact us for any questions.

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