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Full service for the yacht owners

Full service for the yacht owners

Published: 14. March, 2020

Noa Yachting is professional charter management company offering full comprehensive service for the yacht owners.

With more than 15 years of experience we are completely specialized for Yacht management and service. We are passionate about the how we do the things and we strive to excellence and perfection in all what we do.
We have very good booking results, always better than national average thanks to wide network of our Partner agencies- in total we cooperate with more than 1000 agents worldwide.

Our services for the new yacht owners are including but not limited to:

  • Obtaining most favorable offer for brand new sailing yacht or catamaran
  • Advising and suggesting best layout and equipment
  • Legal support with yacht purchase
  • Support and organization of opening Croatian company
  • Support and organizing yacht financing with major leasing companies
  • Accounting services specialized for the Yacht owners and Charter business trough our sister company Nautical Consulting
  • Organizing transport and yacht delivery to home base by truck and by sea
  • Organizing yacht commissioning
  • Obtaining legal ownership and yacht certificates for and behalf of the yacht owner
  • Obtaining optimal insurance cover for and behalf of the yacht owner
  • Professional yacht maintenance with long term experience in yacht maintenance and high standards
  • Complete organization of booking, reception, marketing and all in compliance with Croatian law, Maritime law and Ordinances
  • Support with yacht sails once you would like to sell your yacht (and maybe buy a new one) trough our professional yacht brokerage

Our service for existing yacht owners are including but not limited to:

  • taking care about insurance expiration and renewal offers
  • Taking care about yacht annual surveys, organizing renewal survey
  • Taking care about detailed yacht maintenance - during the years we developed detailed maintenance plans done every year in order to keep the yacht in immaculate condition
  • Taking care about replacement of yacht inventory, utensils, and equipment
  • Taking care about pyrotechnic expiration, life raft servicing, fire extinguisher due dates
  • Suggesting possible improvements of the yacht
  • Complete organization of booking, reception, marketing and all in compliance with Croatian law, Maritime law and Ordinances
  • Accounting services trough our sister company Nautical Consulting

Some freebies and extra service what our yacht owners have when sailing with us:

  • Support in holiday planing and organizing transfers if needed
  • Organizing delivery of groceries on board (free of charge)
  • Offering priority check in for the owners/ VIP early check in
  • Flexible owner yacht usage with short notice
  • Storing of 1 owner box free of charge in our storage ( personal sailing items)

Reasons why you should choose Noa Yachting among others as your Charter management Partner are:

We are in this business more than 15 years and we like doing this business over anything else.
During the last 15 years and prior this when working in other Charter companies we have realized that only Companies with great customer and owner support can survive on the market.
From the very beginning we wanted to offer different more customized and more flexible service, that fits everyone- owner, charter guest and agent.
We are always updated with change of legal requirements and regulations in Croatia, in order to run our business by all laws and ordinances. We are also very active member of Croatian Charter association- so we can be updated with the newest rules, maritime laws, ordinances on doing charter business and everything what is affecting our business.
Our Partners can be confident that they will be informed if any of law changes is affecting the way of doing the business timely, and before the others!
Our top maintenance standards are developed during years in charter industry. All our yachts have minimum level of equipment standard, what is actually superior equipment standard in charter industry.
All our employees are very carefully selected and trained in order to provide the highest level of service.
Our Partners in Charter management are mostly our old guests, satisfied with the service and wanting to spend more time on the sea. Some of them invested in second or third yacht with us and we are very happy to have such nice long term relationship.

Advantage of Noa Yachting over massive charter operators

  • Fully flexible yacht usage
  • Owner version of the yachts allowed
  • Local knowledge
  • Personal approach to every owner and guest
  • Better level of personal service both for owners and clients
  • More detailed yacht maintenance
  • High standards in Yacht winter cleaning and cleaning in general
  • Full service for the owner from yacht purchase to maintenance and accounting
  • Personal contact with each owner with CEO, base manager and booking/ accounting department

Headquarters &
Central Booking

Kralja Zvonimira 56
21210 Solin, Croatia
Telephone: + 385 21 222 506, Fax: +385 21 277 799
Mobile: +385 95 324 324 2, +385 99 4256 300
E-mail: info@noa-yachting.com

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