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May Last minute Sailing trip in Croatia

May Last minute Sailing trip in Croatia

Published: 25. April, 2022

Don't think twice- May sailing getaway in Croatia is optimal short or long holiday idea!

As warmer days are coming, sailing trip in Croatia sounds like a very good idea!

If you have never been sailing in May, here are only some of advantages why you should include May sailing trip in Croatia to your calendar this year ;)

  1. May is still low season, meaning that you can rent boat also for 3 or 4 days, not necessarily for full week if you are not able to take longer breaks. We are also very flexible about check in/ and check out times and it is possible to have different check in days and hours than usual. Also 10 or 11 days - sailing holiday in May is an option worth of consideration!
  2. Weather in May is more suitable for sailing than during the peak season, daily temperature is almost optimal, in average 20-23C to 25C in the last week of the May. Winds in May are usually not too strong like they can be in April,  they are just perfect for sailing.
  3. During May, there are no crowds in our home base Marina Kaštela, everything is more relaxed, from the check in where you can ask for route suggestions, having coffee in marina bar,  to refilling fuel without waiting in long queues on the way back.
  4. There are no crowds on highway, airport or borders, your arrival to our home port Marina Kaštela is very easy.
  5. Islands are just starting to "wake up from the winter dream mode", everything is more quiet, people are more relaxed, and in general service is much better everywhere.
  6. Boats are nicer in the pre-season :)
  7. Charter prices in May are significantly lower comparing to the main season.
  8. Island marinas are not crowded, and you can go almost anywhere without reservation.
  9. Local restaurants are much better experience without crowds.
  10. You can enjoy hiking, cycling, discovering places and beautiful nature without heat.

If you are working online and looking for kind of working holiday /and you need to have good internet connection- just a small info- all our boats are equipped with free Wifi internet, and signal is good almost in all places on islands.

Additional info: no covid tests/ vaccination certificates required to enter Croatia for EU citizens. Masks are not required. 

If you are inspired with this article and would like to give preseason sailing a try, take a look at our last minute charter May sailing offer below - or get in touch with us for short charter offers!

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