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Why is yachting holiday in Croatia the best getaway in 2021?

Why is yachting holiday in Croatia the best getaway in 2021?

Published: 19. April, 2021

No matter if you are a catamaran fan, sailing yacht enthusiast or luxury motorboat lover -  you will definitely agree with us that yachting holiday is best choice for 2021 vacation. And when it comes to yachting, Croatia is, in our opinion, one of best destinations with more than 1100 islands, crystal clear sea, amazing food and charmy small villages on the islands.

In case you are traveling from Europe - even a road trip is a good idea - Croatia has very good and relatively new highways - a bonus is beautiful national Parks such as Plitvice lakes - a must visit place during your road trip.

If you are new to yachting, or yachting may not be the first choice of your holidays, here are only some of the benefits of yachting holidays in 2021 :)

Natural isolation

While on board, you are naturally isolated from others. There is no need to worry about distance, and you and your family and friends are completely safe enjoying most beautiful bays, beaches and coves.


In most cases you won't even need to use a face mask

Mask? Only for diving! Wearing a mask will be necessary only for grocery-shopping; most of the time you wont even know where you have stored your mask from the last grocery shopping. There is no need to wear a mask in the open, not even in coffee bar terraces as tables are far enough each from other. Most of the days you will enjoy almost private bays and beaches, and even in the villages everyone respects social distance, so your dinner table will be far enough from others for relaxed dinner!

Lots of vitamin D

Is there any better way than to recharge with vitamin D while reading a book on the yacht? You don't need to worry about vitamin D supplements - here you will fully recharge :)

Fresh food

During a stressful period such as last two years, it is very important to have a good diet.

If the fresh fish, organic veggies, home-made bread and traditional Mediterranean meals served in modern ways sounds interesting to you, you should doubt no more wether Croatia is your perfect holiday destination.

All of this goodies you can find in the great small usually family owned restaurants and konobas.

You will be amazed with magnificent cuisine, and tasty fresh food.

Family holiday

Unlike other types of holiday, sailing holiday guarantees fun both for kids and parents, as well as for seniors. Our guests are from 2 months old to 80+. Sailing holiday in Croatia is vacation for entire family - we guarantee that no one will be bored. From swimming, snorkelling, water sports, walking on island promenades, enjoying the sun on yacht’s deck, diving, enjoying local food and coffee with most beautiful views, or simply enjoying stillness and salty air - sailing holiday in Croatia will make great memories for your entire family.