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Published: 24. June, 2020

Discover why are the sailing catamarans ultimate self isolation vessels

Unlike sailing yachts or motor boats of similar size, sailing catamarans are offering same level of the comfort as luxury villas, with most amazing sea view ever. Moreover they offer ultimate self isolation, surrounded by beautiful Croatian islands, islets or pine woods- choice is only yours. 

Sailing catamarans are constructed with two separate hulls, spacious cabins and beds bigger in size than in average sailing yacht, while all guest cabins are having own toilet with shower. 

Our clients enjoy privacy offered by two separate hulls, where two families can share one boat but still can enjoy full privacy.

 Two hulls are connected with large elevated saloon, offering great comfort, and at the same time sailing catamarans are having great visibility trough large saloon windows. Best view is guaranteed every day! And what is best of everything- you are choosing your own view. 

All catamarans in our offer are having large and fully equipped kitchen, so preparing meals of your own is easy and fun. You will enjoy amazing views while having your dinner on board. If you don’t like to cook yourself, you can order meals for take away from local restaurants. Or you can have dinner on the open in the local restaurant, where social distancing was guaranteed even before pandemics.

Large cockpit, front cockpit and net, on the bigger models as Lagoon 450 flybridge are offering enough space to be completely isolated from your own crew if wanted. Kids will enjoy jumping at the net and use it as trampoline, and you will be enjoying sunbaths with the summer breeze and sea water sprinkle. 

Boats equipped with generator Lagoon 39, Lagoon 42 and Lagoon 450 will offer more comfort and independency - you won’t need to visit marinas in order to recharge batteries so often.
With Lagoon 42 - equipped with water-maker you are having fully self- sustainable vessel, with no need for visiting marinas at all, choice is only yours.

Take a look at our Lagoon 39, Lagoon 40, Lagoon 42 and Lagoon 450 and book now with 0% Worries, 100% Flexibility. 

Below you will find some super last minute deals for sailing catamarans. Feel free to contact us for more info!

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