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Top 10 restaurants in Central Dalmatia by our own choice

Top 10 restaurants in Central Dalmatia by our own choice

Published: 10. February, 2021

It is not easy to recommend a restaurant, especially not to praise someone who is not always perfect, or skip a great restaurant. After 15 years of active sailing in Croatia couple of times a year, I have made my own list of restaurants that I have visited at least 5 times and that have never disappointed me.

Restaurants are not ranked from 1 to 10, as it would be impossible for me to decide who is in top five, they are just listed :)

POJODA, Island Vis, town of Vis

Pojoda is an epic restaurant with very long tradition. They serve traditional food you can only taste on Vis island. Try something traditional like shrimps with green beans or octopus fritters, or brodetto with pasta and beans. Whatever I have tried there was amazing.

KOD MAGIĆA, Island Vis

Kod Magića serve their own organic vegetables, wine fresh fish and meat, as well as great appetisers - all of this away from crowded places, in the middle of a wine-yard. Kod Magića is another great restaurant on Vis island which is not to be missed.

ROKI'S, Island Vis, Pliško Polje

These guys are always in a good mood! Octopus “peka” (octopus baked with potatoes under a metal lid) is a must have. Restaurant is located on top of Vis island, surrounded by olive trees. Try home made grappas, or use their free pick-up / drop-off service.

Konoba ARSENOL, Island Hvar, Pribinja bay

As many times as I have been here, everyone was very nice, kind, and food was always great. Zdravka, the owner, is always there to help you anchor (free of charge if you will be eating  at Arsenol). Fresh fish, shrimps, pancakes and local wine are always a great option at Arsenol.

TRICA GARDELIN, Island Hvar, Vrboska

Trica Gardelin is a family owned restaurant located in heart of Vrboska town. Owner and his sons and daughter will make sure you have everything you need. They are always very kind and have lot of positive energy. Here you should try best lobster pasta ever, amazing appetisers, and fresh fish. Location on the seaside is simply amazing.

SKALINADA, Island Hvar, Zavala

Another great restaurant is in Zavala, Hvar island. Here you can try various sea-food appetisers prepared in a different way - such as shrimp spring rolls and other different sea food options not usually served in these kinds of restaurants. Whatever I have tried was simply amazing. Great fish and meat.

TOTO'S, Saint Klement, Vinogradišće bay

With one of the most stunning views ever, Toto's is very popular restaurant in Vinogradišće bay. Always good fresh fish and sea food. Good steaks are a bonus for meat-lovers.

NAUTICA, Vela Luka Korčula

Great pizzas, salads, meat and fish, and a very kind owner. Definitely best food in Vela Luka with fair prices. This restaurant is a favourite for families, because kids will love pizza, and parents can still enjoy fish or meat dishes.

TRITON, Island Lastovo, Zaklopatica bay

Triton is an epic restaurant located in Zaklopatica bay, Lastovo island. Here you will find great sea food appetisers prepared in creative way - traditional, but still different. Do not forget to have a taste of lobster pasta or great fresh fish. Definitely a place worth visiting for all foodies.

PORTO ROSSO, Island Lastovo, Skrivena bay

Porto Rosso is another gem on Lastovo island, located far away from civilisation, but with floating pier for all guests (surcharge for mooring). Here you should try amazing sea food starters, lobster pasta, fresh fish or lamb. They also have a great selection of high quality wines. You can always order freshly baked bread as well. Or simply, just have a breakfast with a great view.

I hope you will enjoy great food in these restaurants - let us know if you find some other hidden gems not listed here.

Article written by Sara D.Z.

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