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Brand new Lagoon 42 - Yachtcharter booking

Brand new Lagoon 42 - Yachtcharter booking

Published: 2. May, 2023

Discover Croatian coast on board of brand new catamaran Lagoon 42 Bendmill, new boat in our fleet.

Rare find- take advantage of late fleet entry and book high season weeks for brand new boat! All other catamarans in our fleet are almost or already fully booked for July/August charters, so this is rare oportunity for booking new boat in the high season weeks.

New Lagoon 42 Bendmill has generator, water maker, Air conditioner- optimal combination for longer stays in bays. Lagoon 42 Bendmill has 4 guest cabins, each with own head, with addtional 1 crew bow cabin.

Take oporunity and book your charter now - brand new Lagoon 42 Bendmill from Marina Kaštela, Split, Croatia.

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