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Published: 15. February, 2021

If you are looking for great places to visit, and you have already been in Croatia and visited Hvar, Vis and Korčula, here are some true hidden gems to visit. 

These destinations are less popular and less crowded, but very beautiful. This list has been made by us, sailors @ Noa Yachting, local experts in sailing in Croatia for more than 15 years.

1.) Island Šolta, Tatinja Bay

If you are looking for a quiet and authentic place, with amazing nature - Tatinja bay on Šolta island may be a perfect spot for you. Located on the south side of the island, Tatinja bay offers good protection during north winds. Bay is very beautiful with amazingly clear sea. There is just one restaurant - Lonley Paradise. They offer a simple menu (meat or fish option) with fair prices and tasty food. Bouy is free of charge for lunch or dinner.

Pros: quiet, great for topless, amazing sea

Cons: not a good shelter during south wind, nothing to do in the evening except dinner

2.) Island Hvar, Pribinja bay

Another great spot is Pribinja bay, located on the west side of Hvar island. Pribinja bay is beautiful natural bay ideal for mooring @ buoy (free if you eat at restaurant Arsenol), or anchorage. Bay is great for swimming, and has only a few private houses and 2 restaurants (Arsenol, and konoba Ringo). Food, especially sea food, is amazing.

Pros: quiet, amazing sea, great for diving and swimming

Cons: not a good shelter during north-west wind, nothing to do in the evening except dinner in restaurants

3.) Island Hvar, Vrboska

Vrboska is our favourite village on the north side of island Hvar. It is called small Venice due to a bridge and low waterfront. Not only that it is beautiful and charming, it also has great coffee bars and restaurants, a winery, ice-cream stores. Famous restaurant Trica Gardelin serves best lobster in the area, while konoba Lem has best fish & shrimp soup as well as shade during hot summer days. You can stay at ACI MARINA Vrbovska (more expensive and most quiet option) or a the waterfront (port moorings) in the centre (just in front of the restaurants and bars).

Pros: charming small island village, great restaurants & cafes, nice for walking in the evening, wine tasting, grocery stores

Cons: not a good place for swimming

4.) Island Hvar, tunnel Pitve - Zavala

When staying either in Vrboska or Zavala (on the other side) take a car rental or taxi and discover longest man made tunnel - 1.400 meters- digged out by 3 generations - and only 2,3 meters wide and 2,4 m tall. Tunnel operates only one way, regulated by traffic lights. It is quite scary experience because it is completely unlit and unpaved, but once you reach the south side, you will have most spectacular view. Great restaurant - Skalinada is also located in Zavala.

5.) Island Vis, Stončica bay

On the left hand side of the Vis port, beautiful Stončica bay is located. Stončica bay is a very deep bay, and offers good protection during windy weather. Surrounded by pine trees and bulrush, Stončica is ideal place for relaxation, meditation, swimming, and simply enjoying nature. On the bottom of the bay, there is one restaurant with traditional food prepared from local ingredients.

Pros: beautiful nature, quiet, good place for swimming, good shelter

Cons: nothing to do during evening except restaurant dinner

We hope you like our choices, let us know if you know of some other hidden gems not listed here.

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