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Zlarin is the third largest and one of the six inhabited islands in the Šibenik archipelago. The population is less than 300 in winter and over 2000 in summer. In the past it was the first tourist destination in Croatia to have its own brochure, developed in the 13th century by coral upsetting and production companies.

Your experience of the place will be complemented by the tastes and smells of Dalmatian cuisine based on autochthonous recipes, a cuisine you can try in several local restaurants and taverns. And because of one other distinctiveness of Zlarin, you can have a taste of these original recipes in a complete peace and quiet, and that is the ban on cars on the entire island. Precisely due to this, too many people Zlarin has become a sanctuary away from city crowd and noise. A 25 minutes’ boat ride will take you back to your childhood and the days of playing on the streets, riding a bike, exploring and simply enjoying.

The port offers approximately 20 berths. Visiting yachts can moor to the S side of the 140-metre-long pier, which is equipped with laid moorings, water and electricity connections. Water depth by the pier ranges from 1 m at the foot of the pier to 4.5 metres at the head of the pier. N side of the pier is used by ferry and excursion boats. There are also laid moorings on the first two out of three small jetties, situated by the east coast. Shallow to moderate draft yachts can also moor to the N side of the first two small jetties, where the water is around 2.5 m deep. Depth by the last jetty (the one closest to the coast) is only one metre deep, which is why only small local boats berth here. There are water and electricity connections on the first two jetties.

Zlarin is a great start for your north-route sailing week!

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