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Zaklopatica bay - Lastovo island

Zaklopatica bay - Lastovo island

Zaklopatica is heaven for divers and sailors who can enjoy the well-know beauties of the Lastovo archipelago and its magnificent bays. Zaklopatica offers a breath taking view of island Korčula.  Enjoy sunbathing, swimming, leisurely walks and many restaurants offering the best of Dalmatian cuisine. Don’t miss the beautiful and unique sunset.

Entrance in Zakopatica bay is from the east side of small islet who is blocking the entrance. East side has depth around 6m, while west side depths are less than a metre. Besides 15 houses and three gourmet restaurants, the only company here can be the sea and the sun. Zakopatica is also a good shelter except when Bora (north wind) blows. We would recommend restaurant Triton, as great sea food restaurant, with good service and tasty fish specialities!  Restaurant Triton is offering a free mooring (with electricity on request), and can be booked in advance. One interesting thing for those who want to know more: a rare bird species, Puffinus yelkouan, nests on the Zaklopatica islet of the same name, which has a characteristic singing that is similar to the crying of young children.

Bay is maybe not so nice for swimming like nearby bays on Korcula or on the other sides of Lastovo are, so we recommend later arrival with pre- reservation of mooring and a table for dinner.

During the morning, nice local lady offers home made apple strudel or other  home made pastries to sailor moored in bay. Our crew says it was delicious!

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