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Vela Luka

Vela Luka

Vela Luka (meaning in Dalmatian dialect “Big Harbour”) is situated in the bottom of the deep bay, so it is very safe harbour during most of the weather conditions, however it is exposed to winds from the west which can cause a swell.

There is very limited number of city moorings, and during the high season small cruiser ships are using part of the waterfront, so there is not more than 7 moorings for the sailing yachts, with electricity and water available. Most of the boats were anchored in the bay (bay is quite large, so it is never too busy).
There is a fuel station, open during season till 20.00h, just at the very beginning of waterfront.

We loved quietness and all the waiters in bars, restaurant (we tried two restaurants), and even small shops – were extremely polite, friendly and helpful - giving us advices where to go and what to do.  So here slogan “Croatia as it  once was”, is really true!

We have tried small and stylish restaurant- pizzeria Nautica - and were very happy with the food and the service, as well with the prices.

Vela Luka has also great swimming stops (small island Ošjak just on entrance of the harbour or the small island Proizd), and nice hotel beaches (good for smaller kids). There is bank, and 2 or 3 mini markets, pharmacy is little further to north-west part of the bay.

Vela Luka maybe doesn’t have so beautiful architecture like Korčula has, but due to fact that it is very calm, quiet and very nice people, it is definitely worth visiting!

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