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Sveta Nedjelja - Island Hvar

Sveta Nedjelja - Island Hvar

This picturesque seaside town is known for producing the best Hvar red wines, which can be attributed to their almost perfect geographical location, the benefits of the Hvar climate, and the certainly valuable hands of the Hvar heavyweights who tirelessly cultivate numerous vineyards on the steep and sometimes difficult to reach slopes of the southern coast of Hvar.

Sveta Nedilja is located on the south side of the island of Hvar, opposite the Old Town. Its a very quiet village, ideal for a family vacation. The sea is extremely clean, warm and quite deep for swimmers and divers.

The Marina staff assistance is very good since this is a very small marina.

Sv. Nedjelja has two grocery stores where you can buy basic supplies. Also, there are two restaurants and cafés there. Noteworthy is "Bilo Idro", a restaurant located just by the sea, famous because of interesting architecture. The owner is a family known as excellent winemakers, so it is impossible to go wrong with the choice of wine.
Under restaurant there are vine cellars (under the sea level), and aquarium with the fresh fish.
In case you need a bank, a doctor’s office, a pharmacy or a post office, you will need to go to the town of Jelsa or town Hvar.

Marina is bit unprotected when having south-east wind.
Sveta Nedjelja is definitely place worth visiting.

It is close to city of Hvar and Palmižana (Pakleni islands), so you can drop by for a lunch, or for overnight stay.

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