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Stomorska - Island Šolta

Stomorska - Island Šolta

Stomorska is quiet, picturesque and most oldest village on the Island Šolta, counting only 250 residents, contains 3-4 restaurants, well supplied local store (open from 07.00h- 20.00h).

The place is well connected and has a gastronomic marina. Choosing Stomorska as one of your sailing destinations you will enjoy the hospitality that accentuates the appealing old-times spirit of this tourist destination offering everything a modern sailing tourist needs.

The view of the picturesque waterfront, stunning beaches and fishermen selling their catch in the early morning right by an exclusive yacht docked nearby, seems like something one can only see in a postcard. The place is a perfect blend of opposites: old stone houses, sailing boats and ‘kaići’ (small wooden fishing boats) docked only a few metres away, Dalmatian taverns and modern cafes. The beaches stretch along both the left and right side of the bay, where anyone can find their perfect place in the sun.

Our clients recommended restaurant “Turanj”, which is open till 01.10. In off season there is also nice restaurant on the waterfront just near local shop. You can sit and enjoy seafood or fried fish less than one meter from your boat.
Stomorska is the island's oldest coastal settlement that had been the home of skilled seamen who owned sailing boats and used them to transport wheat, lime and other products at the time when Šolta had to pay levies to Split. Nowadays, sailing boats are used for cruise holidays in the Adriatic.

Stomorska is safe harbour for South winds and Western and North- west winds.

Visit Stomorska on island Solta during your sailing holidays - and you will wish to return back next year!

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