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Sesula bay - Island Šolta

Sesula bay - Island Šolta

This indented bay in the immediate vicinity of Maslinica is a true nautical treasure. It's natural relief is such that it can protect boats from the northern wind 'bura' and the southern wind 'jugo', which makes it one of the most favourite bays in the Central Dalmatian archipelago. 

Sesula bay is cca 20 nm from Kastela, and you will reach it in 2-3 hours.
This is a perfect getaway from everyday busy life. Very peaceful and relaxing with the sound of sea waves, crickets and birds in the background.
This bay is ideal for relaxing on boat, swimming, snorkelling, fishing and enjoying in excellent grill food or octopus peka. The bay boasts its own diving centre, where it is possible to hire equipment and take advice from seasoned professionals to make the most of any underwater escapades.

Sismis bar Sesula is our favourite grill restaurant with excellent service and spectacular view. Owners are always helpful and waiting for clients with dinghy, helping with the mooring. All restaurant guest have free mooring just in-front of restaurant.

The old-fashioned way of anchoring with tying the stern ashore is still possible in the deepest and the calmest cove of the bay, where the depths vary between 8 m and 2 meters.

Another good option (when you overnight in Sesula bay) is to have a morning coffee in Maslenica, where you can go by walk (15 min).

Its a perfect bay for your Sailing trip with Noa Yachting!

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