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Šćedro island

Šćedro island

Two safest bays in this area are situated on the island of Scedro. Lovisce and Manastir bay are excellent shelter for sailors since are safe from all winds, except when the bora blows.

Lovišće bay is located on the north side of island Šćedro (near to island Hvar). Lovišće bay has 4 inlets where is possible to obtain good shelter from south winds- and other winds- except of those from north. Occasionally Bura, sirocco and west winds blow here with strong gusts.

Lovišće bay is very quiet, and has 2 or 3 restaurants. We have not been eating out,  but we heard from our clients and friends that restaurant "Kod Ive" offers very good food and service.
This bay is very good overnight stop, for your one week (or longer) route, when you would like to overnight at anchor,  in quiet bay, and at the same time to have clear blue sea for diving and swimming around the boat.

Manastir bay is smaller than Lovišće bay. It is named after the remains of the monastery that was once destroyed by the pirates. In the bay there is also a restaurant where you can buy authentic olive oil from the island of Scedro. In front of the restaurant you will find buoys for the guests of the restaurant. The depth for anchoring in this bay is about 8 meters.

Beware of the mice! Local people are saying that Šćedro island has lot of the rats, and if securing lines to shore, use the plastic bottles (cut at half) as protection.

Island Šćedro is great location for visiting on your south Dalmatia or central Dalmatia Yacht charter route. 

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