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With a centuries-old maritime tradition, Peljesac is a peninsula of sailors and captains, known for their skill and fearlessness in the open sea.

The clean sea makes, vineyards and great wine makes Peljesac an attractive sailing destination.
Since ancient times it is known for its vineyards, so its varietal wines "Dingac" and "Postup" are now known all over the world.
Amongst the numerous fish, crab and shellfish species, special praise is reserved for the oysters. Mali ston is notable for growing and preparing this delicacy which is, aside from its extraordinary flavor and nutritive values, said to have also aphrodisiac qualities.

Larger places with rich tourist offer are Ston, Brijesta, Trpanj, Viganj and Orebic. For those who want to spend their sailing holidays in the quiet of a Dalmatian place, away from the hustle and bustle, this is the ideal choice.

The Peljesac Channel can be very windy, which makes it popular with those who love the wind in their hair. The wind usually rises in the afternoon and fills the sails as you sail down the channel.
During hot summer days the “Maestral” is a refreshing breeze that blows from the northwest, from sea to land. Usually it is not a strong wind (rarely over 30 km / h), but it gets stronger as you sail south. For these reasons, the Peljesac Channel is the venue for numerous sailing regattas during the summer.
The Peljesac peninsula is a true windsurfing mecca in Croatia, and the town of Viganj, where the small port is located, is especially famous. If you want to replace a big sail for a little one stop here for a surfboard.

These are just some of the good reasons to sail along the Peljesac coast the next time you rent a boat in Dalmatia.

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