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Maslinica - Island Šolta

Maslinica - Island Šolta

Maslinica is located on the west part of island Šolta. It is a village with beautiful newelly built marina - Martinis Marchi, with beautiful castle hotel, excellent gourmet restaurant and regular marina facilities as water, electricity and showers/ toilets.

The beauty of the surrounding nature is in harmony with the historical, architectural and environmental values of the old castle and picturesque stone houses.

Martinis Marchi castle is more than 300 years old, and after restoration, it is decorated as luxury hotel.

The south side of Maslinica bay boosts a beautiful pine wood. In front of Maslinica lies archipelago of seven islets , so it is necessary to be careful when approaching to Maslinica because of shallow waters.

Maslinica started to be popular in past few years - among many sailors, and since it is close to our base - it is also good point in your short route for weekend sailing or as destination for first, second or last night of your yacht charter holiday.

Maslinica is developing in last few years, and now it has several restaurants with  local food, and some of them are having modern menus where you can taste curry monkfish with veggies, or eat local sea food appetisers. Most of the restaurants and taverns are located just directly on the waterfront, and there is one restaurant - Šampjer with great view over the archipelago (walking distance 10 min or free taxi transfer).

There are few small mini markets in the village centre.

Maslinica Šolta is less than 18 nautical miles from our home port Marina Kaštela so it is reachable in cca 2,5 hours with sailing yacht from our home port with average sailing speed 7-8 Kts. 

Maslinica Šolta is great destination for your sailing trip with Noa Yachting!

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