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Lučice bay - Island Brač

Lučice bay - Island Brač

It is great place for staying at Saturdays since you would need less than 2 hours from Noa Yachting Base in Marina Kaštela for reaching it with average speed of 8 kts, or also great swimming and lunch stopover for last Friday in sailing week. Western part of the bay is sheltered from all winds. It is possible to secure stern to with bow towards a small pier. Lučice cove is a favourite cove amongst those who sail around this part of the Brač coastline. The cove has five endings in which you can always find a decent shelter from the wind. Besides those who sail, the cove is interesting for divers because of its cave on the western part of the cove.

The nearby restaurants offer Dalmatian specialities and a rich selection of fresh fish.

Lučice bay is great anchorage and it has also lot of buoys available offered by restaurants and by local company. Pretty bay with 5 arms, where you can usually find shelter, depending on the wind. It is only ca. 25 minutes walk to Milna over the hill from here. Swelly after a Tramuntana (NW winds).

Sea is beautiful and crystal clear, even on depth 10m and more you can still see very clearly sea bottom.  Along the sandy floor and the dense pine forest, the sea in Lučice has an exquisite sky-blue colour that simply invites all sailors for a swim. 
In the very popular Lučice bay on Brac, there are two buoy fields operated by different owners. You will be pleasantly surprised with great domestic food- shrimps, fish and selection of vine. Ambience of the restaurants in the bay is also great- it is located just next to the sea in the pine woods.

Lučice bay is bit exposed to the SW wind which causes heavy seas.

Have a great sailing trip!

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