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Komiža - south side of the island of Vis

Komiža - south side of the island of Vis

Waterfront is full of cafes and patisseries, and is very pleasant for an evening walk, morning coffee or afternoon ice-cream. A small bakery on that corner and the local shop (with a mediocre choice) are suitable for morning shopping.

We recommend staying a day or two, depending on your time. If you arrive in the afternoon, do not miss dinner at a great seafood restaurant Bako, their amberjack in caper sauce is a unique! Considering that temperature in Komiža is above average in most cases, night swimming is a great idea. Morning coffee and breakfast on the waterfront have a special charm, prevails freshness of the sea, and there is no any car or noise nearby.

You’ll definitely notice the small boats moored in the harbour Komiža, some of them are less than one meter, and at the bottom of the harbour you‘ll encounter sunken small fisher boat “pasara” – interesting detail for a small photo expedition if you bring an underwater camera.
During the day you can visit the Blue Cave Bisevo, several excursion boats that go there  every while, and they start from Komiža waterfront, or you can spend a day enjoying the sun and sea.

If you stay one more night in KOMIŽA, visit the famous restaurant Jastožera, who, despite some criticism due to the high price is still very interesting as it is located on the sea and on the ground are cages with lobsters.

From Komiža (as from city of Vis) you can visit the interior of the island – family – farms that are great  for fine eating (and even better for drinking). Some of them have organised transportation.

In Komiža and nearby, there are several excellent dive sites (sunken cargo ships) for experienced divers, and some of them for  the less experienced.

Port of Komoža is not a safe harbour during the south wind, and places behind the waterfront are limited, but it is a Picturesque you must see.

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