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Water toys with Noa Yachting

Water toys with Noa Yachting

Published: 19. March, 2020

No matter if you are a child or just an adult who loves to have fun at sea, our special water toy promotion is a must be.

We are excited to announce that first time together with your charter you can rent a great SeaDoo Underwater Sea scooter (model RS3). Jump into new underwater adventure! CHECK PRICE HERE

Find a few more water toys in our offer:

All our SUPS are inflatable and very easy to store and use.

Paddle boards have become almost ubiquitous on charters, because they are relatively easy to master, allow people to propel themselves, and are relaxing while providing a great workout. You can sneak up on a turtle, visit a secluded beach, or just paddle and have fun with your friends!

No sailing yacht should set sail without some water toys on board. They are crucial for some water fun.

Feel free to contact us for more information, and reservation of the required service on time! Please note that for most of the offered water toys previous reservation due to a limited number of units is required!

Make your sailing Holiday even better!

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