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Sailing holiday in Croatia is an ultimate holiday trend in 2020

Sailing holiday in Croatia is an ultimate holiday trend in 2020

Published: 20. July, 2020

Regardless you are planing your holiday as a family with kids, couple or group of friends- sailing holiday in Croatia is an ultimate holiday trend for 2020

2020 is completely odd year, bringing more downs then ups for everyone. In those unpredictable times it is very hard to plan your free time, but you can always check our last minute yacht charter offer and book your well deserved sailing holidays in few clicks. Borders are open and there is no mandatory self -quarantine for all EU citizens when sailing in Croatia. Our clients are having very positive feedback of post COVID holidays and they felt very relaxed and safe during their 2020 sailing holiday. Some of their experience you can see on our Facebook page.

Here we would like to emphasize why sailing holiday is better than any other type of holiday now, no matter of your previous sailing knowdlege and experience or group type.

For all EU citizens Croatia is easy to reach 

Roadtrip is very popular this year, and not only it gathers crew and gives opotrunity to hang arround bit longer- also you will have opportunity to stop at the Plitvice Lakes or Krka Falls and discover beautiful croatian National Parks. As a bonus you can try off-path local restaurants and taverns and enjoy local food.

If you would rather be flying than driving good news is that most of the Airlines are flying again to Split airport.

Sailing holiday is an ultimate self- isolation holiday

During your sailing trip, you are building up your own itinerary yourself. If you would like to self- isolate, swim, sail, enjoy wind and sun there is no better place than a sailing yacht. Of course, if you change your mind, you can always change your mooring location and enjoy an evening in some village drinking the wine on the open air (with no crowds and still very safe and relaxing). The choice is only yours!

Croatian islands are less crowded, it is easier to find a mooring in marina

Ones sailing more often in Croatia during the mainseason will be positively suprised with no crowds usual for the popular spots as Hvar in the main season, and also less crowds in marinas, meaning no hassle about finding a mooring.

Covid-19 protective measures in Noa Yacting base

With us you are protected. We have adopted additional protective measures in order to keep you and our employees safe!

Each boat is beeing additionaly sanitized with 70% alchool sanitizer after every charter. Toilets are beeing cleaned with covid-19 certified cleaning sprays and all dishes are beeing additionally desinfected. All our employees are wearing protective masks when in contact with clients, and moreover you are able now to do self check in with video check in without presence of our tehnician - choice is yours. Our tehnicians are still at your disposal keeping the safe distance. 

Shopping groceries

Our staff can do the provisioning for you. For a fee of 50 EUR + invoice from the supermarket our team will order and store on boat groceries, toileteries, water, wine... This way you will aviod waiting in lines in the shop and start your holiday immedately. Don't forget wearing masks is manatory in all closed public places (our office as well).

There is no many boats left, but still there are great holiday options! Check more options on the link below:


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