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National parks in south of Croatia

National parks in south of Croatia

Published: 25. April, 2022

National parks in south of Croatia

Croatia is full of beautiful lakes, rivers, parks, islands...Some of the most beautiful national parks are situated in the south of the country. Sail the Adriatic in summer 2022 and explore our national parks! Here is the list!

1. Mljet - Green island

Mljet is also called green island as it is fully covered with threes. Benedictine monks were living on this island and they planted various threes. The same monks forbade the settlement of any kind in that part of the island. That is why the island and its nature are so preserved.

The island has 2 "lakes", the big and small one. In the middle of the "big lake" a small "island" is situated  - the center of Benedictine monks from 12. century.


2. Lastovo

A hidden beauty of the Adriatic. We've already published a full article about Lastovo island. Please click here to read everything about Lastovo.

3. Krka

Krka waterfalls are one of the most beautiful places to visit in the south of Croatia. The national park has a rich flora and fauna. The attractions and facilities available include various footpaths, sightseeing tours and presentations, boat trips, souvenir shops, a museum, and restaurants. There are also several archeological remains of unpreserved fortresses in the park's vicinity dating back to as far as Roman times as Čučevo, Bogočin, Ključica...

4. Kornati

While on your sailing holiday in summer 2022, you will probably want to visit one of our national parks Kornati. Kornati island group is a priceless national treasure in modern tourism: a beautiful, untouched and unspoiled picture of the past. 

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