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Happy Earth day!

Happy Earth day!

Published: 22. April, 2022

Happy Earth day!

We wanted to celebrate Earth day with you and indicate that sailing is a sustainable way of spending your holiday!

  • Sailors have always been well known as nature lovers!

  • Sailing is still well known as one of the greenest and more sustainable sports.

  • Sailing is a very environmentally friendly form of transport.

  • The boat harnesses the wind as its source of power, while for example cars and airplanes use fuel and drop carbon dioxide in the environment.

We would like you to take a moment and think about how could you be more environment friendly and take care of mother nature?

This is how Noa Yachting does it:

  • We recycle our trash!
  • We try to avoid printing a lot of paper!
  • No plastic glasses for one use can be found in our office!
  • We have an online check in procedure in season 2022 just to make life easier for the clients, but as well to reduce paper usage! 
  •  We try to use more and more eco-friendly cleaning materials!

This is our way of being  more environment friendly and we try to be better every day so that we could have beautiful sea and clean beaches like these.


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