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Cooking on board - TIPS

Cooking on board - TIPS

Published: 17. December, 2020

One important thing on your sailing vacation on board is - COOKING.

First of all, if you decide to prepare the food yourself, it is wise to get familiar with the kitchen on a boat as cooking on a boat can be different from home.


Always take care of a clean surface and all the cooking equipment, especially sharp knives and similar items. This is not only a safety matter it also saves space, as boat kitchens often offer limited working space, so it's easier for you to cook. A clean kitchen is a happy kitchen.  The kitchen is fully equipped with all you need; plates, knives, forks, spoons, and other standard equipment for all guests, so you don’t have to think of any extra. But you may want to bring a can opener, or a small piece of non-standard kitchen equipment you’re used to.

So, after we got familiar with the kitchen, prepared our cooking surface and easy and quick cooking can start. Let it take the least amount of time from your vacation. Some pasta or fresh fish is always a good idea.

How to have fun cooking on a boat?

A great thing is also a build-in Grill as on our Sailing boat Dufour 460 GL o you can grill a quick tasty meal and at the same time be outdoors! Have you already imagined; a hot summer day, surrounded by the sea, in one of a thousand small coves along the coast preparing shrimps in a bikini.

Hip hip hurra for quick shrimps and garlic! While waiting for the first round of barbecue, you can take a bath directly from the platform.


But of course, as it is your vacation, don’t forget to take a rest and visit some great local restaurants. Croatian food has a great reputation, especially in the coastal regions. If you decide to book a skipper, he will have great authentic restaurant ideas for you. A list of some of the restaurants that we like the most will be ready for you on check-in. 


Of course, we are always available for any additional assistance

Have a tasty time while sailing Noa Yachting!

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