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10 days sailing - Noa Yachting

10 days sailing - Noa Yachting

Published: 29. March, 2020

Nowadays it is very difficult to find enough time for everything; to work, to live and have a well-deserved vacation, but where there is a will there is a way.
No worries, we have a solution for you!

You would like to explore as many Croatian islands, beautiful bays, or seeing as many harbours as possible?

7-day charter is too short for you, and for 14 days you don't have enough time, or you think it would be too much?
Noa Yachting prepared a part of fleet available for a 10-day charter, even during top season periods.

All boats can be booked for a 10-day charter during low season - April, May, and October.

Start days are in main season: SATURDAY or WEDNESDAY, finish days WEDNESDAY or SATURDAY. During the offseason, boats can be booked from any day.

10-day charter is not possible to book online - Let as make an ideal offer for your 10 days charter, contact us directly, we will send you to offer very quickly! Take a look on routes possible during 10 days of charter.

As always, for any questions, we remain at your disposal!

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