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Bavaria C46 New Yacht
Special offer

Bavaria C46
New Yacht

Length  14.50 m

Berths  8 + 2

Head/Shower  2

Price: On request

The Bavaria C46 is an exquisite boat that epitomizes comfort, elegance, and functionality on the open waters. With its spacious layout, including four cabins, two bathrooms, and eight plus two berths, it offers a unique and luxurious experience for boating enthusiasts. This essay will explore the key features of the Bavaria C46 and highlight why it is an ideal vessel for both leisurely cruises and adventurous voyages.

The Bavaria C46 boasts a thoughtfully designed layout, maximizing comfort and convenience. Its four cabins provide ample sleeping quarters for a large group, ensuring privacy and tranquility for all on board. The use of high-quality materials and modern finishes creates an elegant and inviting atmosphere. The boat's spacious interior allows for free movement, enabling passengers to relax, socialize, and enjoy the journey to the fullest.

The Bavaria C46 offers a total of eight plus two berths, accommodating a larger group of family or friends. The berths are designed to provide comfort and relaxation, ensuring a good night's sleep for all passengers. The versatility of the berths allows for customization, enabling boaters to adapt the space according to their specific needs, whether it be for couples, children, or additional guests.

Boat Type

Sailing yacht


Bavaria C46

Production year





8 + 2




14.50 m

Mainsail type


Steering type

2 Steering Wheels

Genoa type



4.70 m


2.30 m


1 x 57 hp

Fuel tank

244 l

Water tank

798 l

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Bavaria C46

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