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10 reasons why Croatia should be your next sailing destination

10 reasons why Croatia should be your next sailing destination

Published: 10. May, 2017

Croatia is one of the top nautical destinations for yacht charter and boating worldwide. Sailing in Croatia become popular for all generations - from young party sailors to older generations seeking quiet bays and relaxation in beautiful nature. Central Dalmatian islands are great destinations for families, young crews looking for party sailing, older sailors looking for great taverns, nature, and architecture...
Sailing around central Dalmatian islands is the best way of exploring the beautiful Croatian coast.

Here we are giving you 10 reasons why Croatia should be your next sailing destination.

Chartering boat from Noa Yachting- base Marina Kaštela- Split- you are having the opportunity to visit most beautiful places in Croatia, and see the best Croatia has to offer. There are numerous reasons why Croatia should be your next sailing destination, but we have highlighted only some of them here!

1. Unique natural beauty

Croatia is a land with beautiful nature, a breathtaking coast and beautiful islands. There are many coves, bays, and cliffs and most of them are quiet, not crowded and waiting for you to explore them!

Did you know that 37% of Croatian territory is Forest?

For the true nature-lovers, we recommend sailing to islands Mljet and Lastovo. Mljet island , one of Croatia's southernmost islands, and its National Park are definitely well worth the journey. With beautiful pinewood forests, saltwater lakes and shaded lagoon, Mljet is a paradise for outdoor activities. Enjoy hiking and biking (bikes can be rented in the national park) or swimming and kayaking at the lake.

More about islands Mljet and Lastovo you can read under our DESTINATIONS section.

2. More than 1000 islands

and you can find bay just for yourself, or go to popular places to hang around with the other boaters- the decision is all yours!
Croatian islands are more than beautiful and charming. Major Dalmatian islands as Brač, Hvar, Šolta, Vis and Korčula are inhibited, but still, in total there are only 40 inhabited islands, and major Croatian islands are actually uninhabited.
So again, quiet bay and beautiful nature or historical buildings, cathedrals and restaurants in the city center of Hvar- the decision is all yours!
Only with sailing boat or catamaran you are able to explore many beautiful places in Croatia for just one week. During the two week period, you will have a more relaxed sailing itinerary, but still plenty of new places to explore.

3. Chrystal blue sea

turquoise or blue sea, where you can see the bottom even on 20 meters, perfect for snorkelling, swimming or just relaxing while you are anchored.
You will enjoy first-morning coffee or tea with the best views ever!

4. Great food

and not only food- great espresso coffee, famous vines and cheese, smoked ham, fresh fish and local dishes- will make sure that you are not losing your weight :)
Croatia has great taverns, konobas and restaurants- offering fresh seafood and meat- and great local wines. Even the smallest islands are having great konobas, sometimes with free moorings and buoys for the boaters.

5. Great selection of sailing yachts for charter

Our offer is starting from a 36ft sailing boat up to 57ft sailing yacht available for charter both skippered or bareboat.
Luxury Lagoon 450 catamaran is also available from our base Kaštela- offering great comfort with many additional amenities.

Rent a boat with Noa Yachting - and discover the true beauty of the Croatian islands.

6. Good infrastructure- well-organized marinas with additional facilities

Croatian marinas are generally very well organized, with many additional facilities including sanitary facilities, shops, restaurants, bars, and most important good mooring slots, with mooring ropes (no anchoring needed like in other destinations).
Most of the Marinas can be booked online, and our staff will be very happy to assist you during check-in / and explain you how to use easy application with your boat code to make marina bookings online

7. Mild climate

Our base is located in Split region- which is situated in Central Dalmatia. Split is one of the sunniest spots on the Croatian coast.
The sunniest island in Croatia is Hvar, with over 2,700 hours of sun per year. Split, Vela Luka (on the island of Korčula) and Dubrovnik are the next sunniest spots in Dalmatia.

8. Top Yacht charter service

with 24 hours technical support Noa Yachting is your great choice for sailing holidays in Croatia. Fast replying to all your service or technical demands, you are in the safe hands! with all our sailing yachts and catamaran, finest nautical linen and towels (2 per person) are always included in price.

Outboard engine is also always included in the price- and on every yacht, you will get a standard 2,5Hp outboard engine. If you need any additional services such as skippers or hostess- we will be happy to assist. In our base you can ask us for taxi transfer, car rental or any of the additional offered with your boat booking- we will be very happy to assist you.

9. Friendly local people & safe destination in general

Croatian people are highly tolerant and friendly to guests, and the crime ratio is below the EU average which makes Croatia one of the safest destinations in the EU.

10. Great for nightlife and parties

Whether you would like to enjoy having quiet dinner or you are more for parties, Croatia offers a variety for all sailors.

Island parties, summer festivals, night clubs and lounge bars where you can enjoy loud music wearing your bikinis are just part of Croatian summer season offers.

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