Where to go in 2016?  Where to go in 2016?  Where to go in 2016?  Where to go in 2016?  Where to go in 2016?  Where to go in 2016?  Where to go in 2016?  Where to go in 2016?  Where to go in 2016?

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13 07 2016


During the New Years and Christmas Holidays, after great time spent with loved ones, we are often wondering where to go in the New Year, and making plans for our next summer (& sailing) holidays.

Having good and relaxed holidays is essential in these day, since all of us need relaxation and short & long breaks during the year, so we can fulfil our business expectations in our best, as expected. 

Spring, summer and/ or autumn breaks in Croatia are great way to purify our body and soul from everyday stress, and energise us & recharge our batteries! 

Sailing in Croatia is best combination of active and relaxing holidays, offering both active holidays and also relaxing holidays, in amount that you can decide for yourself. 

For totally relaxing holidays in 2016 we are advising to try with Skippered / or fully crewed charter/ no matter of your previous sailing experience.

While our professional skipper is on the helm, you can fully relax and enjoy sun and breeze, lounging on the deck.. or just relax in cockpit listening to your favourite music.

For more comfort and relaxation, you can also hire hostess, who will take care that your glass of fresh juice or champagne is never empty, serve light meals exactly when you need them, without need of going under the deck, and make sure that your beds and rest of the boat is tidy, just like you really like!

Skipper and/or hostess can be hired with all yachts in our offer, but for your maximal comfort we are advising to provide them own cabin. 

Sounds interesting, but you would like to explore all just by your own ?

Try a new route this year! If you have never been in Croatia before (or you have been already but you would like to come agin), we have prepared most essential route for 7 days! And yes, this is just for starting – next time you should visit Korcula, Vela Luka, Lastovo & Mljet!

Of course, there are many variations of this route, and never be very strict in planing since there is always possibility that winds will be favourable for another destination.

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