30 08 2018

In this article we will try to give all information you need to know when booking a crewed yacht charter.

There are 2 crew members you can book for your sailing adventure - skipper and hostess.
You can book one or another or both, depending on your needs and budget.
Below your can read more about their responsibilities.
Skipper is responsible for safe navigation, based on nautical rules, while sailing as well as during anchoring or mooring in ports.
At the beginning of your sailing adventure, usually during or after boat handover, your skipper will give you a short briefing on how to use the toilets and holding tanks. He will also advise on best sailing routes, with respect to your wishes (if any, of course) as well as weather conditions. It is very important to listen to your skipper’s comments and recommendations on your route ideas as sometimes what you had on mind before arrival might not be 100% possible to do because of the winds and other weather conditions.
There are a lot of destinations in Croatia you can visit and each has a good (or better) alternative.
Skipper is also responsible for the underwater part of the vessel - gelcoat, sails, tents, dinghy and fenders while you as the client are responsible for vessels’s equipment, galley equipment, windows (do not forget to close them while sailing) and toilets. The skipper will usually take out the garbage and wash the cockpit while in ports.
Hostess will take care of vessel’s cleanliness, she will make the beds and keep the toilets clean.
She will also prepare breakfast and refreshing light meals like salads or canapés. Your hostess can do the groceries, however cooking lunch or dinner is not her responsibility - if you wish to have cooked meals, a professional chef will need to be arranged in advance.
We recommend chartering a vessel with enough cabins for the skipper and the hostess. This is not as much for their comfort, as it is for yours. Having someone sleeping in saloon is not convenient as the space onboard is limited. There is a possibility to book a yacht with separate crew cabin in front (with own toilet) and this is, in our opinion, most comfortable yacht layout for crewed yacht charter holidays
Also, keep on mind that skipper and hostess might not be willing to share a cabin, especially if they are not a couple - two cabins or one with bunk beds will be needed. If they are a couple, or if they are ok with sharing a bed, one cabin is acceptable. This needs to be checked and agreed upon in advance with your crew.
Another important thing are the melas. Make sure there is enough food on board for all crew members. Your skipper and hostess will require a lunch and dinner as well. In most cases the client will take them out on dinner/lunch. There are some cases in which clients need more privacy (for example, honeymoon, or if you do not want to have additional people with you in restaurants) - in this case, please make sure you provide enough allowance for your skipper and hostess to buy themselves lunch/dinner (in 2018 this was usually 20-30 EUR per person per meal)
Finally, you should pay your skipper and hostess in advance, or upon check-in - please check your contract for more details. Tips are always welcomed but not obligatory, you can tip your crew based on your satisfaction.


If you have more questions about crewed yacht charter, please feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to help you in planning your crewed yacht charter holidays.

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