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Check in time

In high season normal check in hours are after 17.00h, it means that you can make paper works in office from 12.00h, but boat will be probably ready later in the afternoon. Due to numerous requests from our customers, we provide also priority boarding service. For a fee 180,00 EUR – check in at 13.00h. This service is available in high season.

Due to technical reasons, there is only few boats / a week possible for Early boarding, so it needs to be booked minimum one week in advance and it is subject of availability.

During the low (April, begging of May, end of October) season boat may be earlier ready, and earlier check in is possible- you can check this information with our base in advance.

What to do when flight is too early?

We recommend to drop off baggage in our base, and visiting Split or Trogir. You can hire cab to Split from airport and just drop off your luggage by the way. Also there is lot of possibilities to book an excursion – guided tour with lunch starting from 50 EUR/per pax- including transport from airport to restaurant, guided tour, and returning back to base… There are many beautiful beaches in Trogir surroundings and Split, so you can spend part of the day swimming, or just relaxing in one of numerous bars near Trogir like here.

What if I have late flight?

If your flight is arriving after 20.00h (and our working hours  are 08.00h- 20.00h Saturdays)- please let us know. We will leave you open boat with key on agreed place. Check in and paper works, we will do in the morning, when you wake up.

What additional options do I have in base?

Gennaker- 150 EUR week all yacht except Jeanneau 57- 200 EUR- also subject of availability- please book in advance

Reling net- if you mount it by yourself- Free of charge

Reling net – if attached by our staff- 50 EUR/ charter

Beach towels- 6 EUR set of two (you already have included 1 small and 1 medium towel per/ week/ per person)

Extra linen 5 EUR/ person- if one set per week is not enough for you

Intermediate cleaning (on request) – price diferent for each boat model, check the price list for more info

Stand up paddle board - SUP

Underwater scooter


Small generator


Ice maker... and many others!

During the check in briefing with our technicians

You will get our check list, and part of check in you will do yourself, once when boat is ready for boarding. Our staff will finish check in with you,  checking boat equipment and condition together with you. Feel free to ask questions after handover and formal part.

All the numbers of emergency services and technical support numbers you can find in the boat papers and in the skipper table.

Make sure to check where are the valves, and other non- visible important parts of the boat, also how to turn on the boat instruments. Regarding route suggestions- you can check this information in office, directly with our staff on maps.

If you notice any hidden defect- damage from previous charter, after check in (e.g. Sunday morning), or during first sailing, please give us a ring ASAP and let us know.

During your holiday

If you experience any kind of difficulties with your yacht or you forget to take something from our base (people were forgetting outboard engine and we were sending them by ferry) call us on our emergency number (or base manager mobile). We will try help you as soon as possible. Also if any crew member is not feeling well, give us a ring and we will advise you about next ambulance, or call help if necessary. You can reach us at emergency phone for all questions from 08.00- 18.00h, and for emergency issues 0-24h.

For checking weather forecast you can use, VHF channels (information in the boat papers) or simply give us a ring and we will check it for you.

If you have very early flight or would like to check out before Friday 18.00h (or just make formal check out, go out in city and fly home Saturday very early) please inform us in advance so we can organize diver check on time.

Check out

Check out begins Friday 18.00h. It doesn’t mean that you have to leave the ship before Saturday 09.00h, It just means that someone will make check out- count equipment and check the boat, and you can stay on boat till Saturday 09.00h or as agreed.

What if my deposit is still blocked after check out?

Sometimes (very rarely) banks are keeping reservation of the limit on credit card longer (2-3 weeks). If you are experiencing any similar problem, and we have returned your deposit without any deductions (normally we will return you security deposit statement together with credit card slip)- let us know and we will send you written confirmation that deposit is released. With this document bank should de-block it immediately.

What if I have to go home earlier than I planned?

Give us a ring in advance, so we can organize diver and technician to make check out, and also organize you taxi transfer if necessary.

What If I damaged only my boat, but no one is hurt, boat still can sail, and I don’t want to interrupt my holidays?

Email us with photo of damage and give us a ring. If it is not necessary to repair it immediately, and if it is not necessary to make report at harbor master office, we wont interrupt your holidays. But we will appreciate very much if you inform us, so we can order spare parts to prepare boat on time for the next customers.

What if I damaged someone’s else boat, or someone else damaged my boat?

In this case you should make official report at harbor master office. Please call us immediately so we can advise you where the nearest harbor master office is located, and what to do next.

What are most common damages and problems that I should take care about?

Blocked toilets. Simply you shouldn’t drop anything in toilet. If using toilet paper, for using more, use plastic disposal bag and bin. Dont throw toilet tissues, cosmetic tissues, diapers, or anything similar in toilets.

Broken windows. Don’t step on the windows, and close all windows when sailing – it is possible if you forget to close them, to broke it with sail and rope, when changing sail side.

Damaged rudder blades- don’t go anywhere where is too shallow. Check the maps.

Lost anchor- it is recommended to anchor on depth not less than 5m, and not more than 15 m.

Important tips and tricks

Battery usage

Please respect battery minimum voltage. It shouldn’t be less than 12,1 V! 

However if you reached voltage 12,1V, turn on engine immediately and keep it turned on minimum 1 hour.

If you are not connected on the shore power, keep all the instruments switched off. Only refrigerator- on 1/4. Turn all the lights, pumps, and everything else off.

Shower pumps, electric toilets, bilge pumps are also consuming energy.

What else?

Enjoy, sail, discover… ask us for route suggestions, we will send you by email, and show you on charts in our office!

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